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14 What Need To Look When you Purchasing a Steam Mop

The use Of steam Mop in the years increase in popularity. Because the steam Mop versatility reach the hard place. ALso the ability Steam Mop to clean floors without harmful chemicals has made them a must have cleaning products in many home. With all of the number of steam mops on the market today, it can be a bit tricky to find the one that’s right for your needs. Many brands will claim to have the best steam mop, so you’ll need to sort through them to decide which will meet your requiremen However, with so many options to choose from, how do you know which type will best fit your needs?

Before deciding to purchase the first steam mop you see advertised, there are many things you should take into consideration. Below is What Determined factor we will look up when Choosing The Best Steam Mop for your need. 


Size and Type of Mop Head

Steam mops with smaller, sleeker mop heads are more maneuverable and can fit through tighter spaces more easily than one with a larger mop head. Also, some come with a swiveling mop head. This feature makes it much easier to maneuver around furniture and appliances when cleaning. If moving around furniture easily is important to you, and you will want to buy one that has this feature.

While some steam mops come with two or more shapes of mop heads and custom cloths with replacements, other mops come with only one mop pad. A choice of mop head – triangular or rectangular, makes the mop more versatile allowing you to get into corners or cover a large floor area more quickly.


Variety Of the Attachment

Decide whether or not you want a steam mop that comes with additional attachments. Steam mops offer a variety of options; they are not all used just for cleaning floors. Some common attachments include a tool for window cleaning, garment steaming, dusting, removing lint from clothing, upholstery cleaning tools, and other small attachments for hard to reach areas. Additionally, some varieties of steam mops can be simply transformed into a hand held steamer. This can be used to sanitize many areas of your home such as kitchen countertops, sinks, bathrooms, and most other hard to clean areas.

Also Look for the attachment that removeable so you can clean it easily.


Heat Indicator Light

One of the most convenient features is the indicator light that comes on when the water is at the appropriate temperature. It also has an area on the display to tell you if your steam mop is overheating. This is an excellent feature because it eliminates the guesswork. You are not left wondering if the water is hot enough to clean and sanitize your home properly


Large WaterTank

The Bigger The better, cause you don't to hassle refill it more frequently  Consider the weight of the steam mop you’re looking to purchase. Some mops have a larger water reservoir which makes it heavier, and possibly more difficult to handle. The benefit to a larger reservoir is that large cleaning jobs can be done quickly without stopping to refill your tank multiple times. On the other hand, a steam mop with a smaller reservoir will be easier to handle and move to different locations in your home. If you have mobility problems, you will benefit most from a light weight steam mop that can be moved easily.


An easy Way To refill

​an easy to easy its a must, so you can use the steam mop without hassle.



Does the steam mop was very heavy? Important that your steam Mop not heavy easy to bought anywhere in your house to easy cleaning.


Easy Handling / Mobility

While some find steam mops hard to push around, I have found them to be easy to handle without the back strain associated with wringing or swinging a heavy wet cotton floor mop. Most but not all steam mops have swivel heads, making them easy to maneuver around cabinets and into corners.When using a cleaner for cleaning floors its important the steam cleaner can move easily


Built-in power switch

Steam mops with an on/off switch on the unit can power on when you are ready; without a built-in power button, users have to plug the machine in to turn it on.


Variable steam control.

A well-designed steam mop uses a trigger or dial to set the amount of steam it releases. This allows the user to use a lighter steam for general cleaning, and dial up more steam for stains or spills.

There is Steam Mop that can one push button


Long Power Cord

More Long the cord means you’ll be able to clean more your house without having to unplug and plug the mop in again. Long Power Cord giving users a long enough reach to steam large areas without unplugging. But solution For this was simple you just have extensional cord to lengthen the cord.


Fast heating

A lot of people piss off with steam mop cause take a while to heat and ready to use it. .Because of this lot of people just take traditional mop then steam mop to do cleaning and dump their steam mop. It can take a while for a steam mop to heat up; sometimes several minutes. Other steam mops are ready to use in as few as 20 seconds. Faster More better. So You can immediately clean.


Floor Type Best Suitable

What type floor you can use on that certain steam mop, its the one must take into consideration. An example  if your house most of it ar e hardwood floor. then you mus tmake research of the suitable steam mop are the best use for your hardwood floor. Considerate which floor you gonna be use it  most for your steam mop.


How loud was it?

This one its taking to considerate too, cause lot of mom's not want to make waking up her toddler when he/she sleep when you use the steam mop. And not to want to have special time just  to use the steam mop, when its loudy.


The quality of the cloth pads attached to the mop

Look for a durable cloth material that is thick and absorbent and have attachments that are convenient to attach and dismantle.

That 13 factor I consider to look when we were reviewing a steam mop, or you must to  before buying a steam mop. Hope you find your best steam mop. Any question about steam mop, please let us know

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