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The Advantages Steam Mop Vs Traditional Mop

Who  Love Cleaning? I personally hate it since this was the repetitive task and this was a hard job. But We must do cleaning every day to make our house clean. And make comfortable our family and me.  So I'm always searching ways to make this clean chores much easier.  Any form of appliance or technology that means I can spend less time cleaning and more time with my kids or to do what I like is a must for me. This is why I’m always on the hunt for the latest and most innovative technology to make housework a whole lot easier.

Oh, I’ve tried different mops over the years. I started out using the traditional mops you wring out by hand, and it is awful on your cuticles! Good thing I had gloves about half of the time I needed to mop. Gladly now I have used a steam mop for this recent years, and I love it since make my clean job much easier. Below Was my reason leave traditional Mop and start to use a steam mop to do a clean job.

1.  No more  Back ache

When Using Traditional Mop, I often had to bend down to mop up. Although there are many innovations, mop now. Which allows users to squeeze mop without having to get your hands dirty. And But it still will mostly use more power because it dries your mop it repeatedly until it can clear up the whole room.

With Steam mop, it would be very easy because most of the steam mop is now equipped with technology that can be height adjustable handle. So that could facilitate you to clean it. And also did not take any time to squeeze mop, because you simply fill the water at the start. Turning steam mop and then you are ready to clean your house with steaming technology are far more potent than traditional mop

2.  No Chemicals 

Using Tradtional Mop with harsh chemical are dangerous for the user and also your pet and your entire family and entire house. I have made the switch from harsh cleaners to vinegar and baking soda with the idea that it’s safer with my toddler and more cost effective too. Not getting a headache every time I clean house is liberating.

Using Steam Mop I figured it took one cupful of water to generate the steam long enough to mop each room. I only used water to clean the floors of the whole downstairs and my floors were clean… squeaky clean. No chemicals were used to achieve this.

​No need for a bucket or using a kitchen or bathroom sink to mop. I don’t have to wear gloves or an apron because I’m not using harsh chemicals. No worries about getting bleach on your favorite pair of yoga pants which I’ve done before. It’s also one less thing you have to worry about storing in the garage because you can keep it inside the house, with no fumes.

3.  Saving money 

​We’re saving money by not buying any harsh chemicals to clean our floors. Bleach is about $2 – $3/ bottle around here and Pine Sol was around $3. I also found some Murphy’s Oil Soap for hardwood floors priced at $4. Now if you are loyal to Swiffer you can expect to pay a whole lot more for the privilege

4.  More Quick Dry

it took maybe 3 minutes and my toddler was walking around on a completely dry floor. Over are the days of hiding out in another room or making your kids stay in their rooms for 30 minutes to allow the floors to dry.


5.  Speed 

My steam mop gets the job done much faster than traditional mop. Think about the process flow for each method:

Traditional Mop

1. Prepare the water and cleaning solution

2. Swirl mop in the water

3. Scrub a patch of floor

4. Rinse the mop in the water

5. Wring it Out

6. (Repeat above 3 steps multiple times for one floor)

7. Empty your mop bucket

8. Rinse your mop

9. Put away your supplies

Steam Mop

1. Pull out your steam mop

2. Fill water reservoir

3. Attach mop pad

4. Plug in and wait 30 seconds

​5. Push the mop around the floor (no scrubbing necessary)

6. Unplug mop

7. Put mop away

There’s no wringing and rinsing in the middle of the process and the whole deal is much less time consuming.

6.The Effectiveness

How i can’t stress enough to recommend you to use steam mop. The Steam cleaner make me lot easier to do my cleaning chores. Besides You should look what are health benefit using steam mop and also tons of other benefit of using a steam mop . Yeah Im pretty agree too not all clean chore can be clean using steam mop. Please comment below what your benefit using steam mop. thanks

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